Going Green

Going Green:  Cleaning Style

Going green in the home has been gaining in popularity. Cleaning products are often loaded with chemicals while white vinegar can shine up your home cost effectively, leaving it spick-and-span without chemicals. If your home is for sale, a clean presentation is always important for attracting buyers.

  1. Glass Cleaner:  Fill a spray bottle with half white vinegar and half water.  Spray, wipe away, and see it shine.
  2. Wood Polish:  Combine 1 teaspoon of olive oil and half a cup of vinegar. Put on a clean, soft cloth and polish as normal.
  3. Remove corrosion or buildup on showerheads:  Soak in vinegar overnight.
  4. Remove soap buildup:  Scrub with 1 part salt, 4 parts vinegar solution.
  5. Remove odors:  Leave a bowl of vinegar in the room overnight.
  6. Remove odors from kitchen sink: Pour in 1 cup vinegar; let it sit for at least an hour.
  7. Laundry:  Add half a cup to the rinse cycle to “make brights brighter,” soften fabric, and remove odors and stains from cloth baby diapers.

Source:  HGTV.ca