4 Common Hazards At Home

These issues don’t necessarily cause illness but are serious nonetheless. The following are common hazards home inspectors often find:

  1. Faulty wiring: Overloaded circuits, loose wires, missing covers on distribution boxes, abandoned appliances, or aluminum wiring, which can become problematic with age.
  2. Loose guard rails: Stairway guardrails, especially on exterior stairways, that are not securely connected. Decks – often installed by home owners unfamiliar with building codes – that have loose boards.
  3. Shower doors: Shower doors that lack safety glass and are not properly secured. A home owner who slips when stepping out of the bathtub and grabs a glass door that isn’t properly fastened could be severely injured.
  4. Drainage problems: Downspouts discharging next to an exterior wall or a negative grade that slopes toward the home and brings water toward the home, causing foundation deterioration. This can lead to water damage, often seen in the basement, and possibly mold growth. Look for cracks, foundation wall stains, and musty, damp smells.