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Everything has it's place!

 Spring Organizing Tips

 By:  Jenny McKee, Professional Organizer

Do you feel that your home is out of control?  Do you feel stressed when you walk in the door?  Want to take back your space? 

Our days are longer than ever before and many people are finding themselves stuck in a rut and feel overwhelmed with the tasks of daily living.  With such busy lives it's even more important that your home be a sanctuary and place to relax and rejuvenate. If you are constantly surrounded by mess and a never ending to do list it will be more difficult to take time for yourself.

Every aspect of your home influences your life, either physically or emotionally.  It has a direct impact on your time, finances, health, relationships and your overall happiness and well being. 

When people are in balanced and harmonious environments they 

  • are much happier
  • work better
  • are efficient and productive
  • understand more easily, as a result, learn faster
  • feel in control
  • enjoy life, themselves, and whatever they do
  • have an overall contentment surrounding them 

On the other hand, people in chaotic environments often feel  

  • lost
  • anxious
  • dissatisfied
  • disappointed
  • overwhelmed
  • unhappy
  • rushed 

Close your eyes and think about the area/room/space in your home or office where clutter and disorganization are. Picture it in your mind. Visualize the stuff and the space.  How does it make you feel?  Is it something you want or need to change?  Now think about that space clean and organized.  Think about where the items are, and where they should be.  How will the space work for you?  How do you think that these differences would affect your life, your well being and your mental clarity?

Have you heard the term "cluttered space, cluttered mind?"  If you are often thinking about your mess, and it brings you down when you look at it, or makes you feel like you're "not doing enough" then your clutter is affecting your day.  Don't let it control your life, take control over it!

Spring is a great time to get organized.  It's a time of renewal, fresh starts and a feeling of lightness after the dark dreary winter.  It's also a great time to clean everything out, freshen up and tackle the indoor tasks that you won't want to do once the warmer weather is here.

SPRING Clean up

S- Scan:   Walk around your home and look and see what needs to be done.  Make a checklist of what you want to do in each room and area of your home.  Each room should have it's own page.  Writing down your "to do's" will take it off your mind.

P- Plan:   Decide when you are going to tackle each project.  Make a plan of action, and do one room or area at a time.  Mark the job into your calendar, and stick to it.  Be realistic of what you want to accomplish and how long it will take.  By breaking tasks down into manageable chunks, it will be easier to stay focused.

R - Reclaim:   What is the purpose of each area in your home?  If your bedroom has been taken over by your kids stuff - get it out! It should be YOUR own! Reclaim your space and decide what you want the area to be used for and remove anything that doesn't belong there. 

I - Involve:   Have the whole family help out.  You should not be the only one responsible for cleaning up.  If there are projects or tasks that you can't do, or know you won't do without help, then ask for it.  If everyone in the home is involved, they will be more likely to help keep it up.

N - Needs:   What are your needs versus your wants?    You may need to clear out your overflowing closet, but want to wash the windows. Work on your needs first, then when you have more time work on the wants.  Set your priorities for each space in order of importance and time available.

G - Goals:   Set goals for how you want your space to look and feel like.  When you accomplish a task that takes you towards your goal, reward yourself.  It feels great when you can cross something off your list.  Celebrate that! 

How to do it

Now that you know what you want to do, let's look at how to do it.  Focus on one area of the room at a time.  Pick up an item only once and make decisions quickly.  It is either KEEP, DONATE or TOSS.  If you're unsure about an item and are not quite ready to let it go, put it in a box to SAVE.  Pack it away for 6 months and see if you go looking for the item.  If you haven't needed it in that time frame, time to let it go.   Start a regular donate box that you can add to as you find things in your home you no longer need.  When the box is full, drop it off at a donation centre. 

Everything in your home should have a purpose and a destination.  That means that you need a reason to have it and a place to keep it.  Store items where they make sense for you.  When you are looking for something what is the first spot you think it would be?  That's where it needs to stay.  It should be logical and accessible.  The key is to be consistent about putting things back in that destination so that you'll be able to find it quickly and easily when you need it. 

The key thing to remember is that your life is constantly changing, and so is the "stuff" in it.  You will periodically have to review what is working and what's not.  Then you can revise it to better suit your needs at the moment.

"Less than a Minute.....jump right in it"

Keep this thought in mind when you go about your daily tasks.  If you notice something that needs to be done or put away...and it only takes a minute to do - do it then!  All these minutes add up and you'll get more accomplished in your day.

Less than a minute:

  • o wipe up a spill or fingerprints on the cupboards
  • o pick up the shoes that are piled at the door
  • o put laundry in the hamper
  • o file a bill you've paid

Get in the Habit.

The word ‘habit' implies routine: it's the repetition of an action to get the result you want. Following a good routine puts your habits on automatic pilot by both making time and reminding you to act on them every day. It reduces your reliance on willpower.

If you want to change your space, you need to change your habits.  You cannot change others, but by changing your habits and routines, you will rub off on them and theirs will change as well. Your space did not get disorganized overnight and it won't be easy to change your habits to get organized, but it will be well worth it.  Need reminders? Leave yourself sticky notes inside cupboard doors, in your drawers, under the sink....  You'll get used to doing them...and then won't need reminders to keep you on track.

Organizing isn't about being perfect or having everything colour coordinated, it's about making things easier and simpler to manage.  Create harmony in your space and you'll find it will spill over to all areas in your life. 

So don't agonize...... organize! 

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